Oct 29, 2009

The Ravenous Growling Beast

Oh no, she's going to get it out from behind the door..... I hate that door....

Why does it have a name? It doesn't deserve to have a name! It's a monster!

There it is... Mike Dyson.... Isn't it the most totally scary thing you've ever seen?? It's got a mouth and stomach and intestines but I don't think it has a heart......

Help me... can you ask her to put it back behind the door?

I know it eats all the dirt and muck but does it have to belch and growl??

and pass wind even??

Norman, stop laughing... it's NOT FUNNY

Maybe if I can't see it....

Oh I need to hide.....

Oct 28, 2009

Hate sharing....

There's chicken happenin' in the big room where the big white cold thing hides our food. I can hear the sharp thing sliding on the wooden thing. Yep.... she's making chicken bits....
Don't make me beg.... don't make me beg....
Ugh..... she made me beg...

Ratty, ya pig....move your BUTT!!! It's my turn..... I'll beg....

Don't make me share.... don't make me share.....

Ugh.... she made me share

now what can I do?..... a drink from the big white porcelain drinking bowl perhaps? Oh, it's closed. Too bad... might whinge a bit and then have a nap

just for a change....


Norm and Ratty xxx

ps.... our staff always read your comments out loud to us and we always have a good laugh! So thanks..... :-)

Oct 21, 2009

I could go a bit of chook right now...

I think you'll find this helpful... they say it's full of ideas.... and if I had poseable thumbs I'd be able to flick through and find you a recipe...

I know... GET OFF THE KITCHEN BENCH... Ok, no need to yell... Norm, help me

Hello???? I'm busy??? can you not see, I'm busy???...

Next time - I'll introduce you to The Ravenous Growling Beast

Let me tell ya, it scares the fluff off my behind

lots of purrs


Oct 14, 2009

Norman shares his secrets

Nah.... I got nothin'

oh.... hang on a minute.... maybe....

Nah.... false alarm

Oct 13, 2009

Today's Tutorial

Step 1. Select a basket - size isn't important at this stage
Step 2. Squeeze your posterior into it - ensure your tail is completely inside the basket. Of course, if you are a Manx this is irrevelant. Adopt a sad expression with a hint of 'cute'
Step 3. When your head gets too heavy, search the room for a human
Step 4. Aaaah, good. She speaks cat
Step 5. When she needs to leave to drive the 'Ravenous Growling Beast' (I'll tell you that story another day), ensure there is an adequate replacement
Step 6. The finished project
and a slightly different angleNext time Norm will share his secrets

Oct 3, 2009

Bella Notte

Sometimes we like to act out scenes from our favourite movies. Can you guess which one this is from?

Did you know?

The average cat food meal is equivalent to about five mice!

or if you're Ratty, five mice brains, he he he!

Oct 2, 2009

I'll type because I am older! ahfeonfsowa RATTY GET OFF THE KEYBOARD!!!!!

"Oh we're gonna take a walk outside today, we're gonna see what we can find today, we're gonna take a walk outside today, we're gonna see what we can find today. On a pretty little place the sun comes up on two curious cats and no pug nose pups, a brand new life oustide the door, we'll follow our nose and go explore"
Welcome to our Blog! My name is Norman Chester and along with my Brother Ratty we are proud to bring you "Underbelly-A Tale Of Two Kitties". A fleas and all sneak peek at into the secret goings on of two very adorable cats (If I do say so myself).
"And don't forget the chickens"
No Ratty I won't forget the chickens.